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When someone starts to talk about marital arts, one question always pops up: Is there any value in those initiatives or are they only an abstract version of pure fighting. Of course, the main goals of martial arts training are the development of a battle-ready state of the body and the preparedness for self-defense, but those sports won’t turn you into a feral bully. A person, who truly understands the principles, the sense and understands, that perseverance is needed, will constantly develop physical power, endurance and a strong spirit.

This makes the Еastern martial arts fundamentally different from the simple form of hand to hand combat or street fighting. Also these arts have gone through more than 200 years of tradition and development. They have received their unique traditions with the time. Martial sports develop not only the body, but also the mind. One more key factor is, that they teach not only self-defense or offense, but also discipline. The true disciples of the eastern methods won’t  provocate a physical dispute or resort to a crackdown if they have no serious reason to do so. The good sensei  always teaches his disciples to avoid conflict if possible, so no fight could take place. But there are exceptions in both cases.

On the other side, there are people, who try to practice karate, kyokushin, etc. just to show off and fight promiscuously. They, however, can be easily spotted in the dojo and quit pretty soon. They are the most impatient, the most lit up people for sparring, who wonder why the hell they need a certain kata or training in rows. They quit too soon because of the background they are in and their lack of patience. Don’t be this person if you want to get involved in martial arts. Only those, who have been training for quite some time can tell you, that those arts contain something more than kicks and punches.

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